Website Redesign Process

Our website redesign process is designed to support your company’s brand and business goals.

Here are a list of steps that we typically follow.

Step 1: Discovery

The discovery phase is all about collecting information about your business and future aspirations. 

To better understand your company and its style, our clients complete a creative brief detailing the purpose of their business, their market and competitors, and their business goals. Throughout the preliminary meetings and discussions, we draft and refine a Scope of Work that will be signed by both parties.

Step 2: Analysis

The analysis phase focuses on exploring what is and imagining what could be.

With the creative brief in mind, we dive into the details of your marketing strategy. We run reports on your current website analytics, and if possible take a look at server logs as well. We research your competitors and the best practices in your industry. We look at what exists today- your logo, brochures or flyers, website, social media accounts, etc. Once we see what is, we can imagine the possibilities for your business.

Step 3: Strategy

The strategy phase revolves around specifying goals and creating a plan for what could be.

With an understanding of your objectives and current situation, together with the client we develop a timeline and game plan to meet your objectives. We dig into what you hope to achieve and where you believe your business is headed. Depending on your business goals from raising awareness to generating more leads, we will design the website to produce the desired outcomes.

Step 4: Design

The design phase is all about your brand and giving it an appealing, contemporary feel.

Our designers will create mockups. Our designers outline the brand identity in terms of the color scheme, typography, and the logo. While the designers shape the brand identity, our digital marketing specialists work with you to collect and revise the content for your website. Call to actions and key messages are outlined. With a brand identity and content strategy, we are ready to move onto implementation. The website functionality, look and feel, and user experience should always meet the expectations of your customers.

Step 5: Develop

The develop phase implements all the planning and produces your redesigned website.

Our developers will customize the CSS to fit your brand identity and craft a custom website template. The developers will build out the platform and install the necessary plug-ins and applications to bring your website to life. With the structure in place, the content is added to the pages. The digital marketing specialists work closely with the developers to optimize the page titles, text, and images for SEO.

Step 6: Adjustment

The adjustment phase is all about testing and adapting accordingly.

Our team tests the functionality of the website (testing links), the performance of the website (the website’s performance on various browsers), the responsive of the website (the appearance of the website on mobile versus desktop), and the overall user experience. As issues are identified, the issues are resolved and the overall user experience improves.

Step 7: Launch

The Launch phase involves publishing your website and making it available to the public.

Upon approval and resolution of issues, the website will be launched. Even though the website is launched, there are always opportunities for improvements and continued maintenance.

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