Top Three Things to Maximize Video SEO

Maximizing Video SEO: Three Things to Focus On

These days, it’s nearly impossible to scroll through your phone before running into some sort of video. The content can range from funny animals to cooking tutorials to promotions, which people will share on their social media pages or with family and friends. According to a study by RenderForest, video will constitute a whopping 80% of global Internet consumption and generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Videos leave a stronger impression with the viewer than words and images, increase conversion rates, and increase website traffic. Whether you’re trying to expand your brand’s audience or increase product sales, video marketing presents a massive opportunity to reach your goals. In order to be effective, however, marketing with video needs to be done right. We have some tips on how to break through the crowd and maximize engagement. 

1. Optimize your video for mobile

Meet people where they’re at. Mobile devices make up a substantial share of video watch time, so ensuring your video is designed for mobile viewing is essential to growing an audience and engaging with potential customers. People are also much more likely to share your video on a mobile platform – 92% of mobile users share videos with others, according to the RenderForest study.

Consider adding a transcript to your video. This does two important things. First, it allows viewers to watch your video without sound, if they’re trying not to disturb others or do not have headphones, or if they are hearing impaired. 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound, so making your videos more accessible with transcripts opens them up to a much wider audience. Second, transcripts acts a little bit like page copy to the video – it becomes more searchable with the additional text. This will help your page index and rank higher among search results. 

2. Create Engaging Thumbnails and Titles

While creating good video content is obviously essential, equally important is getting people to click on your video in the first place. The first step to do this is picking a good thumbnail image. The thumbnail image is what appears to the viewer when your video is indexed. Think of it as something like the cover of a book – to draw the view in, the thumbnail must be engaging and convey some sense of what the video is about. High-quality images are essential, because the viewer will associate it with high-quality, professional content. Images with people in them tend to generate more clicks. 

The thumbnail should be coupled with an engaging and relevant title. A good title needs to encourage the viewer to click on your video, and not your competitors. Use simple language, with a strong call to action to motivate the viewer, like “Try” or “Click.” Numbers are great in headlines. For example, when I search for videos on “how to write a headline,” almost all the results on the first page are some variation of “How to write a catchy headline: 9 tricks that actually work” or “Write great headlines in 5 simple steps.” Finally, be sure your headline has a strong keyword or two, so your video is more relevant to the viewer. 

3. The Landing Page

The final thing you need to do doesn’t actually involve the video at all. Even if your video is fully optimized, it may not consistently rank if the landing page isn’t well done. It can be challenging, but taking the time to ensure your landing page is also properly optimized for SEO can go a long way in generating clicks on your video. Be sure your video is relevant to the landing page, too. If the video is generic, and doesn’t relate to the specific page content, it will probably rank low. 

Using video is a powerful marketing tool. You can engage with more viewers and potential customers, convey more information, and are more likely to have your product or service organically spread as people share the video. To use this strategy successfully, focus on creating content that can be easily viewed on mobile devices. Use engaging thumbnails and titles to attract clicks, and have an optimized landing page to ensure your ranking doesn’t drop.

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