The Social Media Connection: Where does my business begin?

custom-social-mediaOne of the best ways to reach out to prospective customers is through the variety of Social Media channels that dot the Internet landscape – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Google+.

As a business owner you’ve probably asked yourself, which one do I use? How do I determine what channel is best for me and my business? It can be a tricky question and one that will take some time to determine. But it can be done. And if done correctly, you can reap the rewards.

Before choosing a Social Media Presence ask yourself two questions:

  1. Who is my customer?
  2. Is there a specific age range that I’m trying to reach with my product?

With these two questions, you’ll be able to determine which channel is best for you and your business. In an ideal world, we’d recommend you develop a presence on all of them – if appropriate. The reality is, there are customers who are active on one channel but not another. In these instances, you’ll want to be sure your presence is available to all prospective customers. However, exercise caution with the previous statement, do not create a presence on any given Social Media channel for the sake of being there. Have a defined purpose and goal. An active presence on one social network is far more valuable than a sporadic presence on four social networks. Make sure your social media presence also fits in with your company’s marketing strategy and resources.


Choosing the correct channel, an overview

Facebook, perhaps the juggernaut of all the available channels, boasts a reach of over 800 million users, male and female who are making over 100 billion connections. Those are some incredible statistics and this means a great deal of exposure for your business if used correctly. Users can “check-in” at your business and share this activity with their friends and family – perhaps driving more interest to your own business page.

Your posts, shares and “Likes” present your business as a leader. Your presence on Facebook will also help generate a level of trust without even meeting your customer face-to-face. As you know, the key to earning and retaining your customer base is trust. This is an opportunity for you to use your page to educate your customer about your products and services.

Twitter, on the other hand continues to grow and enables a business to reach well over 200 million active users with a simple 140-character limit statement. As a business tool, Twitter is a great platform because of its simplicity and real-time driven data. Tweeting in small, succinct bursts allows your “followers” to engage with you on their schedule.

Keep a dialogue going with your “followers” and gain real feedback on your products and services.

LinkedIN is often referred to as the “Facebook for Business” platform, connecting users to colleagues in the field, professional contacts, previous employers and other professional oriented users. LinkedIN is an opportunity for those businesses that wish to maintain a “quieter” level of networking. This business channel allows users to share information across their business, while also maintaining a professional network of connections that are viable and important to your business.

Google+, perhaps the infant of the bunch, continues to make its impact on the social media scene. Launched with much fanfare in 2011, the social media site has had its growing pains as well as its critics. But make no mistake, Google+ continues to be a destination point and it will continue to do so. What remains to be seen however, is on what level will Google+ impact social connections. After all, Google is the most trafficked website in the world, and it makes sense the company would offer an extension in the realms of social media.

This brief capsule of the most popular social media channels is by no means inclusive. There are certainly other channels, but when it comes to placing your business in the social media world, utilizing one or all of these is a step in the right direction. Executing your social media strategy is key to the success of your business. If you say you don’t have time for it, then you don’t have time to connect with your customers. They are out there, and you should be too.


**If you have additional questions or need assistance in setting up your Social Media presence, contact Custom Creative at 877-374 4648.


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