John Landowski

    John Landowski

    A technology expert with a deep understanding of business and marketing.

    John Landowski is an experienced and passionate Digital Marketer specializing in creative technologies, analytics, search optimization and cutting edge digital campaigns.  I have a 15 year track record of communicating well with executives and non-technical leaders in small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Experience managing and executing simultaneous projects in an agile environment. I practice the Lean Startup Methodology and provide Results Based Marketing to my clients.

    Digital projects include digital strategy, search engine optimization, website development, CMS customization, mobile apps, social media strategy, mobile sites, online videos, online advertising and more.

    If you have a web project you’re working on please free to drop me a line for an impartial insight into where you can take your business ideas. Call 920-650-1244


    As an Digital Marketing Consultant I am responsible for all facets of digital marketing services for my clients.


    Custom Creative is a search & digital agency that leverages audience engagement to grow brands online and on mobile.

    What is Digital Marketing?

    The use of the Internet and technology to support ‘modern marketing’ has given rise to a wide range of labels created by both academics and professionals. It has been called digital marketing, Internet marketing, e-marketing and web marketing and these alternative terms have varied through time… // Digital Marketing is the term most frequently used today, as we can see from these digital marketing definitions, so that is the term we focus on. With of the recent debate about the use of the term ‘digital marketing’, we thought it would be useful to pin down exactly what digital means through a definition. Do definitions matter? We think they do, since particularly within an organization or between a business and its clients we need clarity to support the goals and activities that support Digital Transformation. As we’ll see, many of the other definitions are misleading.