Should Your Business Have an Interest in Pinterest ?

The latest social media platform to take center stage today, Pinterest, saw an increase in unique site visits by over 150% from December to January. Pinterest has even passed some of the other big names in social networking, including LinkedIn and Google+. That being said, the increasing reach of Pinterest presents a potential opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand to Pinterest’s growing number of “pinners”.

Not sure how your company can use Pinterest to reach your target market? Custom Creative provides some insight into the benefits of Pinterest and has established some practical suggestions for you and your company to create your Pinterest presence and use it to produce leads.

We’ll start with the basics. What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social pin-board consisting largely of images and other visual content. Users are able to post, share, and browse visual content and organize that content into categorized “pinboards” based on their interests. For example, a school teacher looking for craft ideas that he or she can use in the classroom may create a pinboard called “Fun Classroom Ideas” and when he or she happens to come across an image of a craft idea that they like, they can pin that image to their pin-board and save it for later. In addition, users are able to “like” and comment on pins posted by other users and upload images from websites they like by simply entering the URL of the website.

Another feature that Pinterest has strategically included is the connection of Pinterest content to users other social networking sites. In order to even establish a Pinterest account, users must have a Twitter or Facebook account that they can integrate their Pinterest pinboards with. Additionally, when a user pins content to any of their pinboards, posts are automatically made to their Facebook profile and featured in their Facebook feed for their Facebook friends and followers to see.

Finally, when following others, pinners have options. They can follow all of another user’s pinboards, or they can choose to follow a specific board(s) that interests them

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