What is the cost of PPC Management?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a result-focused, measurable form of advertising. Pay-per-click is a measurable form of advertising unlike traditional tv or radio advertising where you pay a flat fee. Paid advertising encompasses search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, and re-marketing.

With PPC advertising, you only pay when a visitor clicks your ad. Your daily Adwords budget determines how many clicks you will receive per day. Custom Creative will work with you to optimize your campaigns and to maximize your return on your investment.

PPC Management Pricing & Services

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How is PPC Management Determined?

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Based on your needs and goals, we will provide a customized PPC management pricing package. The PPC management pricing quote may include the following:

  • Initial campaign development and strategy
    • Industry analysis and competitor research
    • Keyword research, planning, and selection
    • Ad design and copyrighting
    • Dynamic keyword insertion for ads
    • Landing page design and implementation
    • Remarketing campaign design
  • Ongoing campaign maintenance
    • The number of campaigns managed
    • The types of campaigns managed (display vs. search network)
    • The number of advertising platforms managed (Google, Bing, etc.)
    • Keyword/Ad monitoring and tweaking
    • Optimization of PPC account settings (bid strategy, etc.)
  • Ongoing reporting and optimization
    • Conversion tracking, reporting, and optimization
    • Google analytics integration & event tracking
    • Monthly PPC reporting and optimization

The initial campaign development and strategy is covered by an initial fee. The ongoing campaign maintenance, reporting, and optimization is covered by a monthly fee.

Affordable PPC Management Pricing

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What Differentiates our PPC Management Services

Data Capabilities

Our data expertise will help you to use data to understand, define and deliver engaging digital communications. Customer and online data will be leveraged to better understand your target audience to increase engagement and conversions. The consumer should be at the heart of every journey.

Account Management

We will diligently manage your campaign. We will run experiments and audits to improve campaign performance. We follow a results-focused approach and deliver incremental improvements to increase quality scores and your return on investment.

Google Certified

Our google certified advertising specialists craft a campaign report on a monthly basis. The monthly report includes detailed metrics on conversions, costs, keyword and ad performance. With the metrics in mind, the team will discuss and provide recommendations for improvements.

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