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A Content Management System – CMS is a system that manages a web site’s content, without requiring any HTML knowledge, to link pages and to control how the pages look. A CMS makes it much easier for users to create, edit, and publish the content on a web site.

While there are many free open source content management systems on the market, you have to consider carefully what fits your business goals and budget before making a decision.

Built For Your Business

Custom Content Management Systems

 Advantages of a Custom CMS

Resource Allocation

Instead of paying to re-invent the wheel, a larger portion of your project budget will be directed towards design and search engine optimization rather than development.

Ease of Maintenance

Instead of developing a proprietary system with a learning curve, we will customize a popular CMS for your website. It will be far easier to find someone who is familiar with the system and qualified to maintain it.

Responsive Design

With the increasingly popularity of mobile and tablet devices, more and more templates are designed with mobile friendliness in mind. By using a CMS, it is far cheaper, quicker to develop a template from scratch or adapt a template to fit your visual identity.

Custom CMS

Learn how your website could be improved with a custom CMS.

CMS Features and Components

Our admin system provides easy-to-use tools that will allow you to add, edit and delete content, plus any other special functionality you require (e.g. Travel packages, Photo galleries).

Forums, Blogs, & Polls

One key component of a successful website is user participation. We custom build forums, polls and other online interactive applications to develop the social aspect of your website.

Multimedia Integration

We specialize in Windows Media, Flash, and Real Media technologies to develop powerful multimedia experiences for your web users.

Newsletter & Mailing Lists

Our custom built newsletter service provides branded email templates, regular newsletters, and automation options.

Easily Manage Your Website with a CMS

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