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Consumer Health Ratings came to us for a website redesign and search optimization to bring the site back to life. Being first to market back in 2006 the site had reached a peak for consumer health care related searches in 2011. However, due to the structure of the site and limitations of the site not being mobile friendly, it quickly declined in ranking and traffic. After launching the site in March 2018, CHR is seeing an incredible and exponential continued growth in organic search traffic.

About Consumer Health Ratings

Consumer Health Ratings is dedicated to providing consumers with information they can use to make better-informed decisions about their health care.

CHR originally launched in 2006, and the field of healthcare ratings was in its infancy in the United States. Since that time, transparency of performance results has become accepted. Today, there are enough quality ratings for hospitals and health plans nationwide, that millions of consumers can benefit. But the reports still need to make progress, and clarity in cost and prices still need much attention and improvement.

CHR believes that greater engagement and involvement by consumers will help move healthcare in the right direction. Consumer engagement helps health care leaders improve the performance of their systems, helps policy-makers make better decisions, and helps the American people achieve better health. Consumer Health Ratings helps bridge the knowledge gap between consumers and healthcare leaders.


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