Social Media Mistakes…

Oops I didn’t mean to post that!

Typing in the wrong twitter handle can direct you to a porn star instead of a basketball star. Not checking the settings on a Facebook invite might land you with an unexpected 1500 guests at your birthday party. Making inappropriate jokes about another country in a time of crisis could get you fired. All of the above are social media mistakes made by companies around the world and should teach every social media marketer a lesson to double check their content before posting.  In today’s world a small mistake on a social media site can quickly go viral and turn into a crisis. Though a social media marketing campaign is vital to the success of a company in today’s world, it is a tool in a marketing campaign that can easily be mishandled. The following are six things every company must be aware of when dealing with social media marketing.

  1. Be ready to hear what people actually think of your brand…and there’s a good chance it isn’t all positive. Without true personal connections it is easy to say whatever comes to mind, especially in the middle of a heated moment. Because of this, social media marketers need to constantly be on the defensive. Today is an age that allows people to comment on or take video of an outrageous moment everywhere they go. Though this has facilitated promotions and eased the communication between brand and consumer, it has also created a platform for heated complaints or angry comments about a product, service, or brand.  Though some comments may seem outrageous it is important to listen to the voices of your followers. After all, the customer is always right.
  2. Response is key. It is important to listen to these complaints and respond accordingly. Realistically, the company cannot respond to each complaint or comment, but choosing the most talked about or viral comments to respond to is the best bet for your company.
  3.  Social media was designed to connect people, so use this to your advantage to connect to your audience and make your brand’s presence notorious and exemplary. Some of the biggest mistakes have been made when companies have not listened to social media voice. An example that Rich Meyer uses on is when PepsiCo decided to redesign its Tropicana orange juice container. From this situation, PepsiCo learned to carefully monitor and value consumer response, and, additionally, learned not to hold too much stock in the old focus groups, as they don’t have the power and voice as does social media in today’s market. The lesson to be learned here is the power that social media has. It has the ability to bring a product to its downfall or make it the most popular item on the market; it just depends on the buzz generated around the particular item.
  4. New times, new standards. Social media also has a different set of production standards, says SocialTimes. What people expect is different from what is expected from traditional television or magazine advertisements. Social media is based on simplicity, so if your campaign is difficult to understand it cannot be successful.  Your company must have an intriguing, yet user friendly social media campaign in order to garner attention and avoid small misinterpretations that could develop into bad impressions of your company.
  5. Bad impressions of a company can come from multiple outlets of social media. One of the most common errors that leads to bad impressions of a company is the lack of separation between personal and company accounts. What you post personally often carries very different connotations than what is acceptable to be posting professionally. Swearing, personal posts, or party invitations may be acceptable to post or discuss from your personal account, but a company may have different ideas on the matter and it has the potential to discredit your company if the two accounts are combined or linked.
  6. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Connections that you may have on personal accounts have the potential to put a blemish on your company if they are linked to that account as well. For example, if you follow a hunting website on Twitter or like a television program about hunting from your personal page, you may not want your company associated with that since it has the potential to be a controversial topic and often times people base their allegiance to a company based on company values and interests.

In short, social media marketing has the potential to make or break a company. As a professional user you must be on your toes and keep your company briefed on current happenings and how to respond to each scenario in order to ensure a consistent and proper image is maintained throughout all social media accounts. Keep in mind that it is crucial to listen to your social media followers and respond accordingly. Also, always double check before you post something!

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