How to Increase Website Traffic

When individuals search for answers and solutions, will they be able to find your products and services? It is not enough to simply launch a new website! To increase website traffic, your website needs to be supported by a strategic blend of digital marketing strategies and tactics.

There are five typical ways to find a website:

  1. Direct Search: A user types your URL directly into the search engine and lands on your website.
  2. Organic Search: A user types their problem or question (search terms) into a search engine and discovers your website in the non-paid search results.
  3. Referral: Another website directs visitors to your website via a link.
  4. Paid Search: A user types their problem or question (search terms) into a search engine and clicks on an ad that directs them to your website.
  5. Social: An individual is connected to your business on social media and follows a link to your website.

Here are 12 ways to generate more website traffic:

  1. Create Great Content: As the amount of organic real estate declines, the competition increases and it becomes even more important to generate content that resonates with your audience.
  2. Optimize Organic Rank: An organic search rank is determined by search engine algorithms and can be optimized with on-page SEO, content marketing, etc.
  3. Advertise OnlinePaid search allows your website to be displayed when a user types specific keywords or phrases into the search engine. Google recently made advertising layout changes. With more paid listings shown, organic search results are pushed further down the page.
  4. Start Blogging: Google and other search engines like to see fresh content on your website. A blog is a great way to continuously update your website.
  5. Get Social: Use social media channels to promote your content, increase brand awareness, and expand your audience reach.
  6. Leverage Email Marketing: Email marketing is a great tool for keeping your customers up-to-date while increasing website traffic.
  7. Use Compelling Headlines: Write compelling headlines so that your blog does not go unread. Don’t forget about the call to action.
  8. Increase Referral Traffic: Create great content that others cannot resist linking to.
  9. Ensure Responsive Design: Search engine algorithms factor in mobile friendliness when determining how to rank your site. Make sure your website is responsive.
  10. Optimize Page Speed: Make sure pages load as quickly as possible to keep your bounce rate low.
  11. Know Your Analytics: Review your website analytics to better understand how your website acquires visitors. Once you understand how you currently acquire customers, you can make improvements.
  12. Leverage Webmaster Tools: For your website to rank, search engine algorithms need to understand the structure and content of your website. Always submit your site map to search engines and make sure each page has clear, enticing meta descriptions.

Search engine optimization, social media, paid advertising, and other digital marketing services are typically offered as add-ons in a web redesign proposal. Instead of these services seeing additional costs, one should see these services as a way to increase their return on investment.

If you invest in a website redesign, it is worth an additional cost to ensure that your redesigned website is visible to your customers and prospects. When you invest in digital marketing strategies and tactics, your website gains better visibility and in turn generates more website traffic. With more website traffic, your company will generate more leads and ultimately more business.

Every year as the competition intensifies, digital marketing strategies and tactics evolve. Custom Creative can help you navigate the evolving digital landscape and increase the visibility of your website.

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