Importance of an SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate signals secure transactions. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security technology that encrypts communication between the web browser (client) and web server (host). An SSL Certificate authenticates the identity of the website and encrypts the data transmitted.

A website has an SSL Certificate when:

  1. The URL begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP
  2. There is a padlock to the left of a URL
  3. A trust seal is displayed
  4. The address bar is green instead of white.

Here’s a few reasons why SSL Certificates are important:

  •  SSL Certificates protect your sensitive information. Your credit card information, email, and login credentials are encrypted between servers and stored securely. This encryption prevents any unintended parties, like hackers or identity thieves, from intercepting the data.
  • SSL Certificates are required by Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. To accept card cards, a SSL Certificate is required for PCI compliance.
  • Since the SSL authenticates the identity of the website and guarantees that it is not a bogus website, the SSL increases the trust between your customer and your website.
  • SSL Certificates increase your conversion rates. This means that SSL Certificates increase the odds that your call to actions work and that visitors do what you want them to do such as subscribing to a newsletter, completing a contact form, or downloading a whitepaper.
  • SSL Certificates increase your website’s ranking on Google. For Google, security is a top priority. Google services automatically provide a secure connection and their search algorithm factors SSL certificates into your Google Ranking.

When implementing a SSL certificate, we suggest working with an expert. There are various types of SSL certificates such as single, multi-domain, or wildcard. An expert will be able to ensure the proper configuration and security level of the SSL certificate.

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