How Instagram Can Improve Your Business’s Image

Pictures are worth a thousand words. There is a reason why children prefer picture books and magazines that have full-page photo advertisements; why would a website be any different? Launched in October 2010, Instagram is a mobile photography app that allows the user to add filters and share photos onto various other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Instagram site itself. This is the app that allows an amateur to become a professional photographer and create amazing photos in seconds.

Pictures Boost Engagement on Social Media

According to, posts on social media sites with photos garner more attention and are more popular with the audience. Typically, the site says, posts with pictures or pictures themselves receive more “likes” and comments than those without. By using picture apps like Instagram, you can give a human connection to your brand and add a sense of personality and face to an otherwise inanimate website or brand. Picture posts stimulate more emotion than many text –based posts, building a more personal relationship and stronger backing from customers and clients. Instagram has created a platform for brands to develop, demonstrating change and growth by having a virtual, timely photo album.

Instagram is on the rise, and much of your customer base may already be on Instagram sharing their pictures with friends and family; reach out to them with your own pictures and spark a new customer relationship. By utilizing Instagram in your brand’s social media strategy now, and early, you will make a valuable impression on your client base, while your competitors fall behind and fail to reap the benefits that Instagram can offer. Not sure how to integrate Instagram into your social media strategy? Custom Creative has some tips for getting the most out of this popular app.

Tips to enhance your brand following using Instagram:

  • Link your brand’s Instagram account to your other social media sites. Link Instagram to Facebook and Twitter first to gain a larger following, but also to let brand personality shine through these other outlets. The brand’s face and personality can start to blend together with company voice and mission. The next step is posting exciting content, and posting it often.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Utilize tags/hash tags (#), and geo-tagging. These features allow search engines to pick out keywords that may otherwise not be found in conjunction with your brand or company. Geo-tagging also allows people to track where you are posting from and what events you/your company may be attending. (
  • Contests! If your company is product-based or has services to offer you may want to sponsor contests via Instagram. Ask customers to post pictures using your product or service for something in return. These photos will garner more positive attention towards the brand and give customers a sense of connection with the company. Customers will also feel as though your company is taking an interest in their content and will feel that they can benefit from being associated with your company.
  • Showcase events through Instagram. Ask participants and guests to post their pictures of your events with a specific tag. This generates buzz surrounding the event and your company. In addition to the photos, generate a special tag to go along with the event, just as you would on Twitter, so your brand and event can gain more attention all over the social media sphere.
  • Use unique photos! Your audience will be less responsive to the same pictures being posted to your different social media platforms, so you want to be sure to offer them a variety of content on each different platform. Keep it interesting! The features of Instagram, especially, allow you to create and display distinct and appealing pictures that will resonate with many different audiences and attitudes.

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