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Many people believe that LinkedIn is simply a platform for people to post resumes and search for jobs, but, in fact, it has proven to be the most beneficial social media platform for businesses, especially those involved in business to business ventures. According to Hub Spot, “LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.” Many people often also wonder how LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms, like Facebook or Google+, and what features it has that can be beneficial to companies. The question now is, “does your company have a LinkedIn account?” and, if so, “what will your business do for itself and its consumers on LinkedIn?”

LinkedIn has come to have the reputation as the “professional” social media. Though this is true, LinkedIn has more functions and features than just making connections. Hub Spot referred to LinkedIn like a trade show, somewhere to keep things formal, yet display your work and make connections. To start creating a professional image on LinkedIn you and your company must make a complete profile. Completing the profile makes you or your business garner more credibility and look more professional to savvy LinkedIn users. Would you want to trust a company with a partial pamphlet on their services or a full one? LinkedIn is a new, digital type of pamphlet, so, please, make it complete. LinkedIn allows you to make profile information available to search engines, so by creating a full LinkedIn profile, your company has the potential to be more easily searchable.

To truly complete your LinkedIn profile you should utilize the applications and features it offers. This means posting jobs, promoting products, and including analytics on your page. However, there are many other applications and features that can help roun

d-out your profile. The article Ways to use LinkedIn for businesses suggests a variety of ideas that can help your business gain a following and create a larger presence on LinkedIn.

  • Integrate applications and blog entries into your company’s profile
  • Use the polling feature to poll your contacts and share the outcomes
  • Use the questions and answers section to show your company’s expertise by answering questions, and also get a feel for your contact base by viewing their questions and asking them questions to get their answers
  • Research customers or employee prospects
  • Utilize groups and the discussions that occur within them to get a better feel of your contacts, customers, or prospects
  • Use answers, applications, groups, connections, ads, and the mobile application to generate leads to your company
  • Post presentations and articles relevant to your company to keep contacts in the loop on current events within your company

One thing you can no longer do, however, is directly link your LinkedIn account to Twitter. Previously, Twitter and LinkedIn could be connected if you chose, but in the past week the two sites have cut ties. For some this is unfortunate, but for many it could be a good thing. Twitter and LinkedIn have distinct purposes and by mixing the two it blurs the boundaries of commercial or personal and professional social media.

There has been a lot of content covered about how to properly use your LinkedIn account, but Hub Spot has three of the most important tips for social media marketers that I am going to leave you with:

  1. Publishing is better than advertising because people are more likely to read your company content in your profile than glance at the ad on the side of the page.
  2. Be active! Like any social media site, being active on LinkedIn will keep your company in people’s minds and build better relationships with your connections.
  3. Add share buttons to your content so people can share your LinkedIn content to their audiences on other platforms as well.

If you have any other questions or would like to get your company started on LinkedIn, feel free to contact Custom Creative!

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