Digital Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a creative and self-motivated individual to support the search engine marketing goals of existing and prospective customers. The primary responsibilities include management of optimization and Pay Per Click programs, analytics, and marketing research. This position will be involved in handling monthly SEO and PPC accounts to further enhance our customers’ visibility in the search engines and their conversion rates. The primary job functions are listed out below, but are not limited as the needs of CustomCreative and client loads may vary.

Primary role: The Online Marketing Specialist will be responsible for maintaining CustomCreative monthly optimization and Pay Per Click clients. This role will be charged with aspects of account management, service and recommendations as they pertain to website optimizations, research trends in SEO and SEM and any respective activities.

Secondary role: This role will also partner with the Project Managers, Internet Marketing Manager, and other SEO team members to ensure SEO best practices are implemented on websites delivered by CustomCreative .

It is anticipated that the core responsibilities will remain consistent; however, additional responsibilities and/or activities will be added as the role progresses and is refined. Immediate responsibilities include (and are not limited to):

Client service management of existing and new monthly optimization and Pay Per Click clients, including education of SEO, compiling appropriate data, recommendations and managing production time for client base.
Performing keyword research and saturation activities as needed.
Assisting in SEO checks before new websites are launched.
Contributing to SEO/SEM research, uncovering trends and relating that information to the SEO team and/or clients.
Sharing best practices with the CustomCreative production team, as needed.
Management of internal and external correspondence, as needed.
Internal report development and participation in regularly scheduled update meetings.
Documentation of all communications with clients and/or territory reps with regard to requested services.
Development of timely monthly reports to support analysis and recommendations for each client.

Additional base responsibilities include:

An aptitude for client service and strong communication skills.
An aptitude for writing, this may involve copy for sites or for our internal needs
Strong project organization skills and a distinct eye for detail.
The ability to manage multiple projects and requests at one time.
Participating in CustomCreative Social Marketing accounts and taking ownership in implementing strategies to increase organic visibility and traffic to website.

Qualified Candidates will have:

At least 2 years experience developing search engine marketing strategies
Strong sales, analytical and implementation skills
Experience using analytics tools such as Google Analytics
The desire to share information and educate others on the principles of search marketing
Strong attention to detail, oral and written communication skills

*Application Instructions: If you feel you are qualified for this position please email with a link to your portfolio (if applicable) and attach your resume and cover letter. Tell us why you are qualified for this opportunity (2-3 bullet points, including your strengths/skill set as they pertain to this role), and let us know your availability to interview or start.