Align Your Website With Your Business Goals

As a business owner, it is essential to have an online presence.

The company website is the first step towards developing a digital marketing strategy. Everything your company does online revolves around your website. SEO, social media, blogs, etc. are all designed to drive traffic toward your website.

When designing your website, you must ask, “What are my business goals?” and “What are the desired outcomes from my website?” Your business needs a website that aligns your business goals and generates the outcomes you seek.

Here are a few examples of business goals and associated outcomes:

Increase Brand Awareness

An online presence and website increases your brand awareness. With an online presence, customers can easily share your brand with their friends and family. This generates positive word of mouth and increases awareness of your brand.

Lead Generation

A website is the most convenient channel for discovery and offers 24/7 availability. Informative websites allow the customer can go online to view website, discover your value proposition, analyze the authenticity of your product or service by reading reviews, and reach out via a contact form. If a lead chooses to fill out a contact form about a product of service, your business has a new prospect that a sales representative can follow up with.

Grow Your Customer Base

The company’s website must validate and support all value propositions that your company claims to offer. What a sales representative says to a potential customer should be supported by the content on your website. When the sales claims are validated on the website, the customer will feel more secure when committing to the sale.

Customer Service

Contact forms are helpful for lead generation as well as customer service. If an unsatisfied customer leaves a message, your team can review the issue, develop a resolution strategy, and then contact the customer to reach a solution. The customer reports the issue and your team resolves it with minimal time and energy wasted. No one likes to be put on hold when they are upset. A contact form allows an outlet for frustrations, gives the customer time to cool off, and gives the company time to resolve the issue.

Recruit Top Talent

When searching for a job or making a career change, individuals search online for openings rather than hitting the pavement looking for a “We’re Hiring” sign. When the individual finds a suitable job description, the individual then goes to your company website to evaluate if the company is the right fit for them. It is important to ensure that your website paints your company’s environment and culture in a favorable and authentic light.

Increase Revenue

Having an online presence can increase your bottom line. With a website, you generate more leads which means more customers. With more customers, your business generates greater total sales which leads to more revenues.

Streamline Operations

Not only can a website lead to greater revenues, but also reduced costs. The burden on sales representatives may be reduced with an informative website. The burden on custom service representatives may be reduced with a support module on the website. An online store may reduce the burden on retail associates. A website will save your company time and effort over time.

With a business goal in mind, it is essential to design and develop your website to meet that goal.

If you want to generate more leads, it’s best to have an informative site. If you want to sell more products, it’s best to have an e-commerce site. Once you have designed and developed the website, it is time to measure the desired outcomes. The desired outcomes may be measured with website and e-commerce analytics. Depending on your goal, different metrics will be tracked.

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With your business goals in mind, our team will create a professional, custom website that will help your business reach its goals.

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