Positive Google Reviews Guidelines

Online reviews are everywhere these days – of individual products, services, experiences, restaurants, and more. Having good reviews can really help your business grow because of the weight they carry with other consumers – 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. A good review on Google can be especially important. For one thing, Google is the most popular search engine, so more potential customers are going to see reviews for your business here than on another platform. Second, Google promotes itself, and indexes a Google Review higher than organic content. After you’ve set up a Google My Business account, we’ve broken down the key to generating more positive Google reviews into five easy steps.

1.    Just Ask!

It sounds rather obvious, but it’s true. The first thing you need to do is simply ask your customers to write a review. Just because someone has a good experience at your business does not mean they’re going to go home and write about it on their own accord. When surveyed, 7 of 10 customers would write a Google review when asked by the business. Formulate a plan to reach out to your customers and prompt them to leave a review.

2.    Stack the Deck

Reaching out to your customers is a great start, but you can’t just leave it at that. By asking all of your customers, you may be opening yourself up to a negative review. So, it’s not just about asking for a review, but who you ask. Custom Creative has developed a strategy to identify customers who have had a positive experience at your business. This is done in a two-to-three step process of reaching out to past customers to identify their level of satisfaction, filtering out the negative respondents, and following up with positive respondents to ask for a review.

3.    Take Advantage of Automation

If done manually, this process can be difficult and time consuming. Custom Creative works with a variety of platforms to ensure our process is efficient and fully automated. In our campaigns, new, qualified customers are added to a drip queue, generating positive reviews for your business daily.

4.    Offer Incentives

It’s against policy to solicit good reviews with a bribe or to set up a review station, but incentivizing reviews isn’t. Offering a $5 or $10 dollar coupon to customers that complete a review is fine, the difference being that you’re not strictly trading a discount for a five-star review. Just try to keep it classy.

5.    Make it easy

These days, everything is about user experience. A customer is much less likely to complete a review if it requires flipping between multiple webpages or a password. By simplifying this entire process, you’re making it easier for them to say nice things about your business. Some people use bullet-point instructions with hyperlinked text, but Custom Creative has found that a single call-to-action button yields the best results. One good way to do this is by generating a direct link to your Google My Business review page, which can be done in just a few quick steps

  • First, find your Google Place ID by searching for your business here
  • After you’ve found your place ID, add it to the following URL, after the equal sign:
    • https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=place_id_goes_here

Clicking that link will automatically take a customer straight to your review page.